The 2015 (14th Annual)
Cox Family Christmas
Name Drawing Event

[1] Enter your "Pass Phrase" in the box below, then
[2] Click your name button:
[3] The box below has the name of person you drew:
It tells you IF you are the Secret Santa (or not)
And It tells you who your Target is if you ARE the Secret Santa
[5] You can use the buttons below to bring up a web page that has that persons Christmas wishlist.

So Here are the steps:
[1] Enter your passphrase.
[2] Click on your name button.
[3] Read whoes name your drew.
[4] Read to see if you are the secret santa and who you are the secret santa for.
[5] Use the buttons above to see the various wish lists.

Also --- If you want to update the "Wish List" page for you our your spouse please just drop me an eamail at Zach.D.Cox@GMail.COM with what ever text/graphics you want to appear on that page and I'll not only update it but also send out an email to the complete list informing folks of the update.

One More Thing --- If you forget your "Pass Phrase" then send me an email about that too and I'll email it (and/or your spouses pass phrase to you). Remember it is "safe" to know your spouse's pass phrase since the computer application does not allow you to draw your spouse's name.

A copy of this name drawing application is available at:
Or send me an email
Send an E-MAIL Note Zach.D.Cox@GMail.COM
Visit my home page

This page last updated Saturday, 21 November, 2015