Volume 42 Number 12 – 20 December 2012

Evelyn and Zach – A Newsletter

2012 Has been a big year for us. Both Evelyn and Zach are now retired. (Zach retired on October 30th.)

Evelyn just returned from a three-week deployment with the American Red Cross effort to help with the recovery from super storm Sandy. Evelyn worked with the Red Cross client services effort for Staten Island NYC. Zach did complete his 15
th consecutive MS150 cycling tour this past September.

Zach's plans for 2013 are to work on some computer projects and to apply to be a part time teacher of Mathematics and or Computer Programming at the local Community College. Both fields are always in need of teachers.

On June 2
nd we had a most wonderful time in the mountains of North Carolina. We were part of our beautiful daughter's wedding. Anna Cox and James Owen are now living in Athens GA where James is gaining his doctorate in and is an instructor of History at the University of Georgia. We plan to get together over the New Year's Holiday in Athens Ga.

Ginny and Joe are both doing grand, still in Berkeley CA. Evelyn and Zach got to visit with them for a few days in August and look forward to another visit in February of 2013.

Robert is working two jobs and is living with Evelyn and Zach at Davidson Street.

The Delaney, Owen, Cox Team