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2011 MS150 Bicycle Tour Rider #564 Completes 14 Tours In A Row

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your super support! Next year I will be 'back-in-yellow'.

This year Evelyn passed on the thrill of the MS150. I camped in Union Point park which is the starting location for the ride.

Saturday's ride was a 75 mile option while Sunday was a 50 mile option. I would have liked to do 75 miles for both days but I had to catch a flight on Sunday afternoon and I did not want to push it and be trying to scramble to catch my plane.

This year was a bit hectic. I flew out to California to visit with Ginny and Evelyn and I drove back to North Carolina together and the MS150 ride was the next weekend. Then to make things even more hectic I had to attend a customer (potential) site the the Monday following the tour. Hopefully this year will be a little more sedate.

Here is a link to the blog posts for the ride:
2011 MS150 Cycling Tour
Tenting at Union Point

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