MAY_13_2007_APOD_catseye2_hst_cripped.jpgThe Cox Family News Letter Volume 37 Number 12

This year has been good year for us.  Evelyn continues to volunteer with the Red Cross and was mobilized four different times to help with weather related disasters this year.   She went to Florida, Alabama, Texas and North Dakota.  When in Raleigh, Evelyn volunteers as a supervisor for one of the local Red Cross disaster assistance teams.

Zach is still working for Nexus Software and has started going to the gym five days a week after his arthritic knees crashed back in the spring.  Zach completed the MS105 Bike Tour this fall (10 years in a row). He wore number 150 this year and earned number 145 for next year, thanks to all the folks who pledged this year.

Our oldest daughter, Ginny and her fiancée Joe have moved to Berkley California and are getting used to living and working on the West Coast.  When Evelyn and Zach visited his brother Jim in Seattle this fall Ginny flew up for the weekend and we had a grand time.

Our daughter Anna is still living and working in Asheville and now has a dog named Poncho.  After returning from Seattle, Evelyn and Zach spent a long weekend with Anna.  We enjoyed exploring the area around Asheville and we all went out to supper with Zach’s nephew Zach Smith who is a freshman at UNC Asheville. Anna’s boy friend James was on tour in Europe and Anna was glad to have some company that weekend.

Our youngest son, Robert has gone back to college full time and is working hard at his program.  Rob commented last summer when he left UPS to go back to college that he was treating college just like another job.

Anna and her friend James, Ginny and Joe, and Rob will join us in Raleigh this Christmas.


We Wish You and Yours
a Happy Holiday Season
and a
Healthy New Year