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New Bathroom (DAY 1)

From:    Vanessa Ridgely
Monday, October 23, 2006 10:43 PM
1st day of the bathroom remodel

Hi John,

Can you please forward this email to our family ... I don't have their addresses with this email account. Thanks.
Our first day was a lot of work ... there is a before and after attached ... But was well rewarded with a great dinner (and lunch tomorrow) from Evelyn, Zach & Laviece.


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Click For Larger View The old tub and the old sink
were cast iron!

They had date stamps on them
that dated their creation
to the winter of 1948!

My earliest memory of
that tub is taking
baths in it on Saturday

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New Bathroom (DAY 2)

From:    Vanessa
Sent:    Tuesday, October 24, 2006 8:29 PM
To:      John; Evelyn; Laviece; Zach; James; Ruthann; Mary & Baxter
Subject: Day 2

Good evening all,

We are done early tonight - ha, ha - but again met our goal.

We actually had to demolish more today - the plumber wanted more floor gone so he could drop down into the crawl space as opposed to crawling the length of the house ... we understood.

We got a really nice shower surround - as opposed to the Lowe's Harry-Homeowner-Special. The plumber and the plumbing supply company were really nice. Originally we went to Goldsboro to get the shower --- but the ones they had wouldn't fit in the house. So we went to Wilson to the plant where they actually make the shower surrounds and got one that would fit. It came in 3 pieces --- so it could be broken down to make the turns etc. Any how - regular people don't usually go to the plant --- they were very nice! And understood our unique time line.

The plumber James - owner of Eastside Plumbing is great. He has also agreed to come back if Gwin ever has plumbing problems - and she has him underlined in her phone book.

Now for the toilet - we have decided to purchase a new one - it will be handicapped size - very similar to the one in the hall bath. At first we were going to trade them out but we are very leery to move the one in the hall as weak as the floor is etc.

So as far as the goal. The pipes have all been altered to be more modern. The water is done in the bathroom. The shower is set. The floor is set and getting the floor covering soon. A framed wall is up and ready for drywall.

As a note there will be a hand bar set on the wall to use to get off the toilet. Also a hand bar placed on the opposite side of the wall from the shower.

Gwin comes down and looks in on the progress and is happy so far. She likes the new shower.

So goodnight and will update tomorrow.


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New Bathroom (DAY 3)

From:    Vanessa
Sent:    Wednesday, October 25, 2006 10:22 PM
To:      John; Evelyn; Laviece; Zach; James; Ruthann; Mary & Baxter
Subject: Day 3

Wow a long day.

We just got back from getting most of the decor for the bathroom. We got done working at 7p.m. Lowes closes at 9p.m. so we had to fly through it.

Anyway, today we put up the drywall and started finishing it. The pics don't make it look to impressive - but it was a lot of work.

Tomorrow we will finish up the drywall work and start painting. We are still on track to finish by noon or so on Friday. Thursday will be a long day.

Zach is coming to help on Thursday - he will be doing the important dump run - this is helping us tremendously so we don't have to stop the painting process.

I forgot to mention last night that the food that Evelyn, Zach and Laviece sent is great...keeps us from eating junk.

So that is it for tonight - Goodnight.

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New Bathroom (DAY 4)

From: Vanessa
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2006 10:48 PM
To: James; John; Mom & Frank; Ruthann; Mary & Baxter; Laviece; Zach
Subject: Day 4

We are in the home stretch....
got the 1st coat of paint up - after a primer coat and the plumber doing his thing.

Zach & Evelyn brought us a great meal and took the truck to the dump for a total of 2 trips. That saved us so much time!!!

As a p.s. - I think Evelyn only came to drive the truck....ha, ha.

So tomorrow we have to finish the other coats of paint and put up the accessories throughout. Then we head to Seattle - just joking - but thanks for the invite - we did think of you over some Miller Lites tonight - had a beer/painting party....

If anyone feels like a one day project on the house - Kevin says all the windows could use a scaping and then a good coat of caulk on the outside. He did the bathrooms windows because that is where some of the leak water entered. He says at this point bad windows will hurt the house.

So tomorrow you will get the final pics - at least final for this trip. As a side note the old drywall did not smooth out as nicely as new does - so don't look at it too hard...after all it is antique lathe and plaster.

Good night we are tired after a 15 hour day.


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My Story - And I'm Sticking To It (From Evelyn)

From:    Evelyn Cox
Sent:    Thursday, October 26, 2006 5:30 PM
To:      Zach Cox
Subject: This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Zach and I went to MO today to assist Betsy's daughter Vanessa and friend Kevin who are making a new bathroom for Gwin Lee.

Our job was to use Kevin's "oh so lovely large Pick-up" to take debris to the dump. We turned from old 117 onto 55, and I noted mud on the road. Foolish to comment, which of course I did. Zach said it's manure. I asked, "How do you know?" "It looks like manure."

We went to the dump, dumped the debris, and it was my turn to drive the "sexy" truck home. This was a major sexy truck...big wheels, the whole bit.

Well, when sister E decided to climb into the driver's seat, that little bit of arthritis that has been gnawing in the lower back suddenly took control. I couldn't climb up. I tried the right foot. I tried the left foot. I cussed and tried both feet. Did I mention that ensconced in a big earth mover was a man? I glanced over my shoulder and he gave me a thumbs up...That gave my legs no extra strength.

My dear husband climbed out of the passenger seat, came to the driver's side of the truck, and while we laughed hysterically, gave me a butt boost into the driver's seat. The driver of the earth mover gave me TWO thumbs up. I never the less was able to wave a "Cheerio" and drive the damned truck off. Excuse me.

And now we are back to highway 55 in Mt. Olive, where by the time we returned to said intersection, there are three patrol cars, a front loader, and several other officials trying to decide what to do with the large pile of manure.

I thought immediately of Jay and Pam in Apex and was grateful that Betty Hughes was safe and sound in Mount Olive.

There will be problems in the family if Zach ever grabs my derriere as he did today in front of a complete stranger, I don't care how many thumbs he has.

New Bathroom (DAY 5 - DONE!)

From:    Vanessa Ridgely
Sent:    Friday, October 27, 2006 10:07 PM
To:      James; John; Mom & Frank; Ruthann; Mary & Baxter; Laviece; Zach
Subject: DONE

Just got home.

So quick email ... see the pics.

Good night,

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Click For Larger View I think this project
is excellent!

What Vanessa and Kevin
did from Monday to
Friday is truly

If Vanessa and Kevin
ever get bored
being firefighters
they could start their
own TV show on how
renovation is done

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New Bathroom (FEEDBACK)

From:    Zach
Sent:    Saturday, October 28, 2006 7:59 PM
To:      Gwin; Vanessa
Cc:      Betsy & Frank; Jim & Ruthann; John & Clare; Mary & Baxter; Laviece & Paul; Evelyn & Zach
Subject: RE: New Bathroom In Mount Olive (The Web Page)

Hi Gwin;
Thanks for the note --- I feel a lot better about the house in MO after seeing that beautiful bath, for years and years I've always felt slightly depressed whenever I've thought about the baths.
I agree completely with your sentiments --- what Vanessa and Kevin did was super!

From:       Gwin
Sent:       Saturday, October 28, 2006 11:02 AM
To:           Zach
Subject: RE: New Bathroom In Mount Olive (The Web Page)

Dear Zach, Evelyn, Vanessa & Kevin, 

Have been admiring the photos of the NEW bathroom.  As gorgeous as it looks, it’s even nicer to use.  I “baptized” the new toilet Friday night.  And the new shower is so easy to get in & out of.

Shut the door to the old hall bathroom & said good-by to it, at least for the foreseeable future.

It cheered me up so much to see the new bright bathroom this morning when I got up.

It’s a bright, breezy October morning in Mt. Olive & I’m at Moye Library, in my good Sunday-go-to-meeting dress.  (The dedication ceremony for the new Pope Wellness Center is today.  In case some of the visitors come by the library, I want to make a good impression. My usual Saturday morning getup, which is basically whatever first comes to hand when I get up, won’t do.

And, yes, the name is that of the E.J. Popes, father & son, who own the Handi-Mart convenience stores in eastern NC.  They gave the money for the new building.  I was asking when the new library building would be dedicated.  Pam told me when & if the college finds a nice rich patron who likes books & would like to have his or her name on a library building, it’ll happen.) 

I cannot thank Vanessa & Kevin enough for my new bathroom.  It is so handsome & So easy to use!  Zach & Evelyn did nobly. I understand & sympathize about climbing up into trucks.  What’s really needed is for SUVs & trucks to come with a little set of steps that fold down from the cab, like the old-fashioned airplane steps.

I’m not surprised the old tub & sink were cast iron. That was the best to be got at the time.  And, to me it still looked modern, compared with the old claw-footed tub at Nanny Oliver’s house, now long gone.

I was sorry to see Vanessa & Kevin go, as I was hoping they’d stay over the weekend.  But they got off about 4:30 PM on Friday, in the rain.  I’m glad to find out they got back home safely.

Come to see me & admire the new bathroom in person.

win Lee

From:     Zach
Sent:     Saturday, October 28, 2006 5:37 AM
To:         Vanessa; James; John; Betsy & Frank; Ruthann; Mary & Baxter; Laviece; Gwin; Zach; Robert; Virginia; Anna
Subject: New Bathroom In Mount Olive (The Web Page)

Check out the web page:


I 'resized' the pictures so they fit on the page and you can click on the individual pictures on the page and see a bit larger version of each.  If you do so you see the name of the picture is name.MEDIUM.jpg if you want to you can delete the .MEDIUM then you can see the original (large) sized picture.

As I said on the web page I think what Vanessa and Kevin did in five days from Monday to Friday was truly awesome!

If Vanessa and Kevin ever get bored being firefighters they could start their own TV show on how renovation is done correctly!


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