North Raleigh Loop Ride Queue Sheet

At MileGo For Comment
0.0 0.3Down Davidson Street
0.3 0.1Left Onto Currituck Drive
0.4 0.5Right Onto Yadkin
0.9 0.2Right Onto Alleghany Dr
1.1 1.3Right Into Greenway System (Bear Left At Bottom Of Hill And Go Over The Bridge Over Crabtree Creek - Follow Greenway Beside Crabtree Creek (cross over lead mine and turn left to continue along Crabtree Creek)
2.40.3Left Onto Homewood Banks Drive (The 1st Intersection After You Pass McDonalds - here you leave the greenway and climb the hill up to Blue Ridge Road)
2.7 0.7Right Onto Blue Ridge Road
3.4 1.0Cross Glen Eden Road At Stop Light
4.4 0.2Right Ont Duraleigh Road At Stop Light
4.6 0.3Cross Edwards Mill Road At Stop Light
4.9 1.6Left Onto Ebenezer Church Road (NO STOP LIGHT BE CAREFUL)
6.5 2.4Cross Over Crabtree Creek
8.9 0.8Right At Stop Sign To Follow Ebenezer Church
9.7 1.2Cross US-70 To Follow Ebenezer Church At Stop Light
10.9 0.7Right Onto Westgate Road At Stop Light
11.6 0.3Left Onto Leesville Road At Stop Light
11.9 0.2Cross Strickland At Stop Light
12.1 0.4Cross Over I540
12.5 0.2Bear Right Onto Norwood Road
12.7 0.2Continue Straight At Stop Sign (LOOK LEFT)
12.9 2.4Continue Straight At Ray Road Stop Light
15.3 0.6Contineue Straight At Old Creedmore Road Stop Light
15.9 0.7Cross NC-50 Creedmore Road Stop Light
16.6 1.9Cross Mt Vernon Church Road At Stop Light
18.5 0.2Left Onto Six Forks Road (T) No Stop Light
18.7 0.2Straight Onto Possum Track Road (Six Forks Turns Left Here)
18.9 1.5Right Ont Honneycutt Road
20.4 1.5Straight On Honneycutt At 4 Way Stop With Brassfield Road
21.9 0.9Straight On Honneycutt At 4 Way Stop With Durant Road
22.8 0.4Cross Over I540 (no on/off ramps)
23.2 0.3Right Onto Falls Of The Neuse Road
23.5 0.2Straight On Falls Of The Neuse At Strickland
23.7 0.2Right Onto Weathergreen Road
23.9 0.1Right Onto Healthfield (this is the first right on Weathergreen)
24.0 1.2Left Onto Morning Dove
25.2 0.2Straight Onto Sawmill At Stop Light With Six Forks
25.4 0.6Left Onto Longstreet at stop light at top of hill
26.0 0.4Right Onto Bent Creek
26.4 0.3Right Onto Lynn Road
26.7 1.0Left Onto North Hills Drive
27.7 0.3Straight At Stop Light With Northbrook
28.0 0.5Left Onto Shelly Road At Stop Light
28.5 0.1Right Onto Cranbrook Drive
28.6 0.1Right Onto Rampart
28.7 0.1Cross Manchester At Stop Sign
28.8 0.2Left Onto Yadkin
29.0 0.1Cross Northbrook
29.1 0.0Right Onto Davidson
29.1 0.0Back At 708 Davidson Street

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