75 Mile Sunday Ride
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Saturday/Sun Queue Sheets

At Mile Turn GoFor Comment
0 Go East 0.2 Head East Along Broad Street
0.2 Left 0.5 Turn Left Onto Turner Street And Cross US70 Staying On Turner
0.7 Right 0.8 Turn Right Onto West Beaufort Head Toward NC101/US70
1.5 Zig 0.0 Zig Over To US 70
1.5 Left 4.5 Head North Out Of Town On US 70
6.0 Straight 2.5 US 70 Turns Right Just Stay Straight
8.5 Left 2.2 Turn Left (west) Onto Laurel Road Heading Toward NC101
10.7 Right 0.6 Turn Right Onto NC101 And Head North
12.3 Straight 2.7 Cross Over The Inland Waterway
15.0 Left 2.0 Turn Left (south) Onto Old Wineberry Road
17.0 Left 0.7 Bear Left Onto Mill Creek Road
17.7 Right 2.5 Mill Creek Turns Right Winds Around
20.2 Straight 6.2 About here Is Where Old Wineberry Ends Onto Mill Creek
26.4 Left 0.1 Turn Left Onto Main Street
26.5 Left 0.6 Cross The Tracks And Turn Left Onto E Chatham St
27.1 Right 0.0 Turn Right Onto Roberts Then Immediately Left On Hibbs
27.1 Left 0.5 Once On Hibbs Head South Toward US70
27.6 Straight 2.8 Cross US70 Head South On Hibbs Toward NC24
30.8 Right 10.7 Turn Right Onto West NC24 Heading Toward Swansboro
41.5 Left 2.2 Turn Left Ont NC58 East Heading Across The Bridge To Emerald Island
43.7 Bear Left 18.4 Follow NC58 To Head East Up The Island
62.1 Straight 3.6 Cross The Causeway Back Toward Morehead City Keep Going Toward Fort Macon
65.7 Turn Around 3.6 Turn Around And Head Back To The Causeway To Morehead City
69.4 Right 1.7 Turn Right Onto The Causeway Toward Morehead City
71.0 Right 1.0 After Crossing The Bridge And The Tracks Go Two Blocks Staraight To Fisher
72.0 Left 0.9 Turn Left On 12th then back Right On Bay And head east to the end
72.9 Left 2.3 After Making It Back To US70 Head East Over The Inland Waterway
75.2 Right 0.1 Crossing the High Bridge And The Draw Bridge Turn Right Onto More St The back To the Hotel
75.3 DONE   DONE!
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