Morehead City - Beaufort - Newport Loop Ride

Here is the Google Maps Piedometer Route
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Mile Go For Do This
00.00 0.30 From 705 Fisher St Head East (Turn Right When You Get To 2nd Street)
00.40 0.10 Cross US70 And Tracks Turn Left Toward Bridge Go Straight then turn back sharply left to cross the tracks at a 90 degree angle.
00.40 3.00 Heading Across The Bridge Toward Beaufort
03.35 0.65 Turn Left On Live Oak Street (Follow US70 and NC101)
04.09 7.71 Bear Left Following NC101 (US70 continues to the right)
11.80 2.70 Cross The Inland Waterway (Still On NC101)
14.50 3.73 Turn Left Onto Old Wineberry Road Just After Crossing The Marlow Canal (Leave NC101)
18.23 6.31 Turn Right At The Stop Sign Onto Mill Creek Road (T-Intersection)
24.54 0.10 Turn Left At The Stop Sign Onto Market Street (T-Intersection)
24.64 0.66 After Crossing Tracks Turn Left Onto Chatam Street
25.30 0.54 Turn Right Onto Roberts Then Immediately Left Onto Hibbs And Heading South East
25.84 3.20 Cross US70 Staying On Hibbs Road
29.04 8.75 Turn Left Onto NC24 Heading East Back Toward Morehead City
34.59 5.55 Cross US70 NC24 Ends And Turns Into Bridges Street Head Down Bridges Street All The Way To 7th
39.55 4.96 Left Onto 7th then Right Onto Fishers And Head For 705
39.64 0.09 Arrive Back At 705

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