Vietnam 1968-1969

Vietnam 1968-1969

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I spent 366 days 'in-country'. The plane flew from the Air Force base in San Bernadino CA to Hawaii then on to Okinawa. The crew was changed in Okinawa they barely had time to shutdown the engins before they took off again from the airbase in Danang. The weather office was located in the White Elephant compound which was right on the Danang river. The barracks were way in Camp Ten Sha on the Tonsonuit Pennensula. Staff Weather NSA Danang RVN is typically a one man show. The Flag's Weatherman. However in this case there were seven of us. Three of us were always out on some beach while the other four were in the office in Danang. There were 5 E5 Aerographer's Mates and two senior men, While I was there the senior men ranged from a CWO, a Lt, a E6 and an E7. As folks would come and go we would have more than seven but seven was the typical number. Each E5 was rotated thru the three remote sites, 60 days out and 60 days back in Danang. The three sites were Cau Viet, Cam Rahn Bay, and Chu Lai.

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Danang An Aerographer's Mate At Staff Weather NSA
Cau Viet On The Dong Ha River Just South Of The DMZ
Cau Viet Views From The Navigation Tower
Cau Viet Brown Water Navy Boats
Cau Viet 165mm Artillery Shelling Results
Cau Viet Unloading The LST Grant County
Cam Ran Bay A Navy Market-time Base
Chu Lai A Fuel Farm
Vietnam Some Documents

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