Vietnam 1968-1969

Vietnam 1968-1969
Views From The Tower

A Navigation Tower

A navigation tower for the LSTs.

The Concrete Ramp

The concrete ramp (a close-up view).

View Toward The South China Sea

Looking toward the South China Sea.

View East

Looking South East

View South

Looking South

View West

The view West (Those mountains are in LAOS)

South China Sea

South China Sea (Strong Land Breeze)

Things could get pretty boring. One day I spotted a navigation tower and I happened to have a camera full of film. I asked permission to climb up the tower and take some pictures. That was fine except I could not take any pictures looking North. At the time it seemed like a reasonable thing to say but I can not remember why.

The concrete ramp was the main reason for the existence of the Navy at this little base. The LSTs would come in offload their cargo and then leave. An LST rarely stayed past the middle of the afternoon. We would sometimes go aboard them to eat some lunch.

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