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   From: Alston Family
   Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 11:15 PM
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Subject: 11 Month Old Boys

Can't believe these kiddos are almost 1yr olds!

Wow, 11 months... lots going on, lots happening!

Braden is taking his first mini-steps, a few here and there, nothing official just yet, but any day now! His two upper teeth just popped through the surface, which has helped with his sleepless nights during teething pains. Braden is waving more often, usually more to himself than outward facing, but cute and sweet anyhow. He gets around very well now with either cruising, crawling, bear crawling (up on his feet instead of knees) or a combination.

Whalen is pretty into pointing to people or things right now. Usually stuff he is excited about for one reason or another. His steps have turned to walking (starting around 10 1/2 months), not 100% perfect but he'll go across the room now without plopping in between. He gets so proud the further he goes and that sometimes makes him sit down with a plop! He can even bend down, pick up a toy and stand back up, step over *some* objects without falling. We are pretty sure Whalen is trying to get some more teeth in, drooling very heavily, and chomping on his finger, but haven't noticed anything additional yet (he already has 4 out).

They are understanding more and more words now, but not much speaking in "our" language much yet. They do go on and on though sometimes. Both say doggie, love giving kisses, love to play peek-a-boo or "where's Whalen/Braden", love books... love getting into everything!

We are just finishing up a great visit from Gideon's dad and step mom.

So please see attached pictures: the standard 11 month old pictures (1,2), Braden wouldn't sit still, so as soon as the photo shoot was over, he was headed for the house (3), then Whalen proceeded to entertain us parents, grandparents, and neighbors (4).

Hope all is well with everyone!


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