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   From: Alston Family
   Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 9:49 PM
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Subject: 10 Month Old Babes

Well, these boys just keep getting older!

Whoever said babies get easier once they can sit up and move around, did NOT have twins!

They are in such a fun stage right now, learning new things everyday (literally!)

Braden - he now waves hello (when he wants), and claps his hands (it has happen three times...). He loves to tackle his brother, grabbing on tight as Whalen drags him along. He is getting a lot stronger in the pulling up and doing some cruising (taking steps hanging on to objects) and can stand on his own, unassisted, for about 1/2 sec so far. When my parents were here they taught him to give them a "high-five" hand clap, although he had been clapping on our hands for a while now too (a "low-five").

Whalen - He can now stand on his own for quiet a while (usually when he is not concentrating on it) and is SOOOOOOOOO close to taking his first steps.  Yesterday he took a step and a half before crumpling. Gideon and I decided he has to take 4 steps for it to be official. He has said his first word: doggy although it sounds more like "Dah", but he definitely knows what he is saying. He loves to play ball (rolls or throws back and forth with us), and has recently (unfortunately) learned how to climb up on the

Both boys love their stacked cups right now - particularly knocking OVER the stacked cups, that grammy and grampy O brought for them, and they have been really getting into their new kiddie pool. They both have been saying Dada and Mama for a while now, but it tends to be fairly indiscriminate between the 2 of us. They both learned to blow bubbles a little while back, which you can hear them do because they say: "Mwah" at the same time (I was just reminded while talking to Gid and hearing Whalen in the background doing this!), and enjoy imitating sounds and motions. They love exploring new rooms, new places, new objects, and have had good times with new visitors and visits (like up to Ashland for the 4th of July).

Hope all is well,
Naseem O. Alston

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