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Well here we are already at 8 months!
Time flies when you have twins...

Things are really moving now,

Braden's first tooth has arrived after a few sleepless nights I figured it would be coming in a few days since that's what Whalen did, and sure enough. He also got his first cold that thankfully did not last too long, although there is still some residual nasal stuffy/runny-ness. He is a lot more mobile now, rolling with ease, still wanting to perfect the crawl, he's up on all fours rocking to get his momentum, then lunging forwards to sprawl out. He's sitting up really well and lifting one leg up to almost get himself into the sitting position on his own.

Whalen unfortunately also got his first cold (suspiciously several days after Braden - something I think we'll have to get used to) and already hates the site of Kleenex at this young age. Several days ago Whalen took his first hand steps making it his first time performing the "Traditional" crawl, although he has been getting more and more mobile for weeks with his army crawl or just dragging/pulling himself around. Now that he's got that "down" he has moved on to other things like just this morning he pulled himself all the way up in his crib!

Yesterday the boys got to witness their first wedding. It was also their first time interacting with kids (a little bit bigger and older), which they loved! I'll send along a few other pictures at the wedding after this set. Kids of all sizes were also very fascinated with them, but especially their sweet ride (the JEEP stroller - thanks again uncle Iraj/aunt Jackie!), seriously, they were checking in pockets, checking out the wheels, checking out the shocks... it was a funny site.

We are still working on the whole babyproofing idea... how do you keep up with it all! I think we are secretly trying to hold out until my parents get here in June for some extra hands, but our goal is to have at least the den MOSTLY babyproofed very soon. They are really interacting so much now its so fun to witness. Whalen is a little rough/aggressive with Braden still, but he just is so facinated with his brother. He sees the toys Braden holds do such fun things (since Braden is so good at twirling things around or shaking or making them otherwise look like so much fun) he just has to have them, but once he has them they aren't as fun! The whole experience is really wonderful (yet still exhausting!).

Well, one thing we especially want to say today is HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you wonderful selfless loving creative patient mothers out there (and favorite aunts, etc) 


In my haste to write the 8 month summaries I forgot a few important items! (plus one was just confirmed tonight)

So Whalen has also figured out how to get himself into the sitting position on his own (going from crawl position to sitting and back)

and Braden besides perfecting the all fours position has also taken to getting up on his feet and hands - like bear crawl, or push-up position or "plank" (for all you yoga enthusiasts), and the other item for Braden is that his second bottom tooth is indeed coming up as well (almost at the same time as his first but its ahead by a tad), they don't exactly let us poke around in there too much, we thought at one point we saw 2 near the surface but could never confirm it.

Well, there you go!

I guess I might as well send out another photo while I'm at it.

Hope everyone's Mother's Day went well, mine did!

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