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   From: Alston Family
   Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 10:17 PM
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Subject: Seven Months Progress Report

Well, we've all made it to the 7 months old mark!

Here's an update on the boys:

Whalen at 6 1/2 months had his first tooth break the gum surface, (and who started out as a slightly late bloomer in rolling from his back to his belly), became a pro roller, he now rolls and rolls and rolls, he will look around and decide where he wants to go (usually the place we don't want him to go), and roll on over. He is also very near crawling, squiggling and wiggling and grunting his way, he uses his strong shoulders mostly. He has also started to lift his arms up to get picked up. I just noticed Wednesday morning - his second bottom tooth just appeared above the surface! He has discovered that he too loves to jump in their jumper-roo (before it was just Braden who really loved it). He can sit pretty well, holding himself up when propped, but not perfectly. He loves to babble and shout, but sometimes will whisper too (like at night when he is supposed to be asleep).

Braden is also very near crawling, lifting himself up on all fours or sticking his butt way up, when he wants something in front of him he sprawls out in a stretch position, he'll relax then REACH and STRETCH, reminds me of yoga class or something. Braden has also started to sometimes lift his arms to go up. He is good at clinging to you with his hands arms and legs, like a little monkey. He has a close to the surface bump on his gum line, so we think we'll be seeing a tooth pretty soon. Braden gives kisses, very wet, open mouthed kisses, but sweet kisses none-the-less, he grabs your face with both hands and pulls you to him. Braden now insists that when he is nursing or bottle feeding or sucking his thumb that you also have his fingers or thumb in your mouth. He can also sit pretty well when propped, but still has a reflex to throw his body back, that when not accompanied by a helping hand results in tears. Braden likes to try out all kinds of word beginnings like TH or GAH and also likes to sing.

The boys are interacting more and more each day and it so much fun to witness. They reach for each other often, not always gently, but they like rolling around together and making each other giggle. Once their eyes meet its just giggles back and forth. They both also love watching the dogs, Luni is the most interactive with them, but not always on purpose, her wagging tail entertains them, and sometimes tickles Whalen (who is extremely ticklish). They both love bananas and cereal (which is pretty much all we've given them of food).

Hope all is well with all of you!
p.s. warning: nude photos enclosed!

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