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   From: Alston Family
   Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 09:20 pm
     To: The Email Picture Group
Subject: 18 Weeks Old - Babies

The boys are still lots of fun (in the waiting room at the doctors today they were grinning at each other and Braden kept laughing and Whalen would give him his squinty eye smile then let out a squeal), but with all the teething we are back to difficult nights (not falling asleep, not sleeping for long, not nursing as well, needing to chomp chomp on fingers etc in between...), I just had a day long meeting after getting 3 hours!

Hope all is well for everyone! (they don't seem to be changing quite as frequently any more, so we will probably cease sending weekly photos here pretty soon, and maybe move to monthly. Unless of course you beg us, then we might continue for some individuals)

Naseem O. Alston

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