2005 Bicycle Rides

2005.01.02.SAT Fisher Street Beaufort Airport Loop Ride
2005.03.13.SUN A Nice 15 Mile Spin On The Greenway
2005.03.25.FRI My First 100K Ride Cut Short By "Road Rash"
2005.04.09.SAT 200K Brevet Ride (I am sorry to report that I did not make this tour I was feeling pretty crappy following my bike crash of 3/25/05 and ear surgery the Wed immediately prior to the 200K.  In the year 2006 I plan on doing as many as I can to 'ramp-up' for the next PBP!
2005.04.16.SAT The 2005 Edition of "The Tour de Pickle"
2005.04.23.SAT The Fisher Street Blair Point Loop Ride"
2005.04.30.SAT The 180 8th Street To Prospect Park Loop Ride"
2005.05.01.SUN The 2005 Five Burro Bicycle Tour (And Big Ride 2004 East Coast Reunion)"
2005.05.21.SAT The New I540 Bicycle Bridge Bike Ride
Commuting All my rides to and from work for the year (one in Jun and the rest in Sep and after)
2005.06.11.SAT My First MS150 Training Ride Of The Year
2005.06.12.SUN A Sunday Morning Greenway Ride
Lunch Walk When I get a chance I walk around Lake Lynn at lunch.
2005.06.22.WED I rode to my woodworking class this week.
2005.06.25.SAT My old 30 mile North Raleigh loop ride, and it had an interesting twist this day.
2005.07.03.SUN The Tour of Topsail.
2005.07.06.WED Second Tour of Topsail.
2005.07.08.FRI Third Tour of Topsail.
2005.07.16.SAT Blair Farm Loop
2005.07.23.SAT Blair Farm Loop Plus Fort Macon
2005.07.13.SAT Bike-Fest 2005
2005.08.14.SUN Blair Farm Loop With Evelyn
2005.08.20.SAT Ride With The Band MS150 Training Ride
2005.08.27.SAT Fort Macon Ride And Atlantic Loop Ride
2005.09.03.SAT Harker's Island Loop and Emerald Isle Loop
2005.09.10.SAT The 2005 Edition of the Eastern NC MS150 Bike Tour

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