Another Way Of Looking At When The Seasons Start
(The Cross Quarter Days)

The Seasons

1 - Triditional Winter (Starts at the Winter Soltice)

2 - Triditional Spring (Starts at the Vernal Equinox)

3 - Triditional Summer (Starts at the Summer Soltice - Mid-Summer's-Eve?)

4 - Triditional Fall (Starts at the Autumnal Equinox)

1' - Spring Starts at Imbolc and ends at Beltaine (Mid Spring is the Vernal Equinox)

2' - Summer Starts at Beltain and ends at Lughnasad (Mid Summer is the Summer Soltice)

3' - Fall Starts at Lughnasad and ends at Samhain (Mid Fall is the Autumnal Equinox)

4' - Winter Starts at Samhain (Mid Winter is the Winter Soltice)

1" - Winter Starts at Samhain and ends at Beltaine
2" - Summer Starts at Beltaine and ends at Samhain

Triditional Seasons Starting Times

Cross Quater Day Almanac

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